Orion control stations

  • Orion-01
    fixed speed

  • Orion-02 with a soft start to
    minimize starting current and peak

  • ORION-3 equipped with VFD (VSD)
    and intelligent well control

Technical characteristics

  • Motor capacity
    68-490 hp

  • Rated voltage
    380 V (50±2 Hz)

  • Primary current
    160-1000 A

  • Temperature range
    -76 – 122 °F

  • GOST
    18058; IP43 14254-80;
    15150-69 UHL1

Design features

  • Access to the control
    panel parameters with
    the locked door

  • Energy consumption

  • Switching device
    160А, 250А, 400А, 630А,
    800А, 1000А

  • Overall dimensions (HxWxL)/weight: starting from 6x3x2ft./298lbs
    to 7x4x4.3ft/1,65t

High voltage control unit

Orion-SKID-11-33kV/0.48kV-50Hz manufactured according to TU 27.12.31-004-10476620-2018


The high-voltage control unit is designed to protect and control submersible three-phase asynchronous and permanent magnet motors as the part of an electric submersible pump installation for oil production

Operation conditions

Climatic performance - Т1 (according GOST 15150-69).

Ambient temperature: -10 to +50 °С (maximum permissible: +60 ° С).

It is possible to manufacture plants for operation at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 ° C at the request of the customer.

The upper value of the relative humidity is 100% (at the temperature of +25 °C).

According to the content of corrosive agents, the atmosphere is of type II (according to GOST 15150).

Atmosphere pressure:
  • lower value of atmospheric pressure – 0.84 bar;
  • the upper value of atmospheric pressure is 1.067 bar.

Altitude - no more than 1000m.

Degree of protection

IP43 (GOST 14254-2015).

The operating mode is continuous. Permanent presence of staff not required.

The design and layout of the main elements

The installation casing is made in the form of a welded, frame carcass of the container type.

  1.  –  step-down high voltage transformer compartment;
  2.  –  carcass;
  3.  –  step-up high voltage transformer compartment;
  4.  –  transformer TMPNG-250;
  5.  –  VSD control and monitoring compartment;
  6.  –  transformer TMGP-250
Key Specifications Power supply parameters:
rated voltage, V 33000 ±15%
rated frequency, Hz 50 ±1
rated current, A 4,37
rated power, kVA 250
immunity to distortion of the sinusoidal voltage of the supply network, not more than,% 20
number of input voltage regulation steps 5
Power parameters of the VSD (six-pulse or twelve-pulse rectifier):
rated voltage, V 480
permissible deviation of the supply voltage,% –20 ÷+15
rated frequency, Hz 50 ±1
rated power, kVA 200
Submersible motor power parameters:
output voltage, V 0÷3500
range of regulation of the output frequency, Hz
—   for asynchronous motor 1÷80
—   for permanent magnet motor 1÷200
maximum permissible value of frequency deviation, Hz ±0,15
output current, A 0÷56
number of steps for regulating the output voltage (step x%) 25х4
distortion coefficient of the sinusoidality of the output voltage curve, not more than,% 5
Options for power supply:
rated voltage, V 380
rated current, A 69,6
rated power, kVA 50