NORIS have started to produce the heatproof oil-submersible cable with temperature index 130°C
25 April 2016

Differential characteristic this very cable is uncompromising confidence because of using the best heat-resistant material - polyimide-fluoroplastic cover by way of insulation.  

Cable is corresponded to climate and technical exploitation requirements in wellbore liquid (GOST 15150-65). This cable will be available both on the Russian and foreign markets.

There are preliminary agreements on the supply with Azerbaijan and the USA, announced Executive director of the company Jaroslav Dementiev.


NORIS is innovative enterprise. It is founded in 2012 and have no analogues in the field of oil-submersible cable powered by polyetheretherketone material.


NORIS is a part of vertically integrated group - RUNACO, which was uniting the enterprise for the production and maintenance of pump equipment for oil production. Also the RUNACO GK includes BENZ. It’s one of the oldest plant which specialized on electric pump plant units’ production (ESPU) for oil extraction. ORION-R which focus on the whole line of ESPU control stations and telemetry systems. RUNACO GK includes service enterprises in Saratov and Izhevsk.