Bugulma-RUNACO - the winner of Tatarstan Supercup 2018
14 April 2018

In Kazan at the stadium "Rubin" a football match took place for the Tatarstan Super Cup - 2018. The federation of football of the Republic of Tatartsan traditionally opens every summer season with this football cup. The Super Cup was played by the owner of the Tatarstan Cup-2017 "Motor Academy" (Kazan) and the champion of the republic of 2017 "Bugulma-RUANACO" (Bugulma).

Our team "Bugulma-RUANACO" with a score of 3: 1 beat the team "Motor Academy".

The team "Bugulma-RUANACO" is one of the leaders of amateur football of Tatarstan. Currently, the team: five-time champion of the republic, three-time winner of the Cup and Super Cup of Tatarstan. In recent years, the team wins at least one Republican title