Orion control stations
  • Orion-01
    fixed speed

  • Orion-02 with a soft start to
    minimize starting current and peak

  • ORION-3 equipped with VFD (VSD)
    and intelligent well control

Technical characteristics

  • Motor capacity
    50-360 kW

  • Rated voltage
    380 V (50±2 Hz)

  • Primary current
    160-1000 A

  • Temperature range
    -60°C… +50°C

  • GOST
    18058; IP43 14254-80;
    15150-69 UHL1

Design features

  • Access to the control
    panel parameters with
    the locked door

  • Energy consumption

  • Switching device
    160А, 250А, 400А, 630А,
    800А, 1000А

  • Overall dimensions (HxWxL)/weight: starting from 1835x920x605mm/135 kg
    to 2115x1235x1310mm/1370kg